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Perfect Panama Recipes: A Go-To Cookbook of Latin American Dish Ideas!

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Are you enamored with the delicious, spicy taste of Panamanian food? Well, surely you’re not alone. People everywhere fall in love with Panama dishes every day!

But will you be able to bring their unique tastes into your home? Yes! The recipes in this cookbook will guide the way.

The cuisine of Panama reflects the influences of numerous ethnic groups, including the African, Spanish, Afro-Antillean and Amerindian, who are native to Panama. In fact, you’ll even find burger joints and kosher restaurants in Panama, reflecting the infusion of other ideas on the foods and cooking in Panama.

Most of the foods in Panama trace to Spanish and other European colonists who fused their own recipes with the Caribbean foods native to Panama. Rice is often used, in everything from side dishes to drinks and desserts. Fish, chicken and beef are also staples, as are corn and plantains. Soup is popular in Panama, especially their national dish, Sancocho, which is made with rice and chicken.

In cafes, Panamanian breakfasts consist of fried treats made with bread, corn and meat, along with cheeses, coffee and orange juice. For lunch, dishes made with rice, meat, fish, coconut and vegetables are served most everywhere. Panamanians usually eat lighter meals on weekdays, but that doesn’t mean the meals aren’t SO tasty. Try a recipe today…

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